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Emily begins to recover from her long captivity with Salazar, but a drastic setback threatens not only her, but the lives of the Equites Council. Chevalier struggles with Emilyís renewed friendship with the Encala, when they offer her a companion in a time of need.

Learn more about the relationships between the Old Ones and the original heku, the Ancients. Chevalierís fierce hatred for the Ancients comes to play and pits the Old Ones against them once again. The Old Ones learn more about Emily and threats emerge as Emily discovers hidden Ancient abilities within herself.

Salazarís hold tightens once again and they begin to wonder if Emily will ever be completely out of his grasp. Alexis begins to crave motherhood and Dain steps up as a formidable presence in Emilyís protection.

The Valle make a startling revelation, one that could bring Chevalier and Emily the peace they seek.


Puce 1 - Ball #1Puce 2 - Ball #2Puce 1 - Ball #1


Ancients and Old Ones

Book 8 of the Heku Series

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Puce 1 - Ball #1 Puce 2 - Ball #2 Puce 1 - Ball #1