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Valle, Book 2 in the Heku Series, follows Chevalier and Emily as she struggles to fit into the heku species. She discovers more about their deep and troubled past, and comes face-to-face with the intelligent, yet fierce faction, the Valle.

The Valle fight to gain control of the last remaining Winchester Heir, and will do anything to obtain her, even if it means killing those she loves.

A sudden change in the Equites Faction threatens to put Chevalier into a position of power, but also threatens to tear apart the relationship he has with Emily.

The heku’s violent past haunts Emily and she begins to wonder how dangerous her affiliation with the Equites is, but she also wonders how dangerous she can be to the heku.

A task assigned by the Equites Elders finally gives her a sense of belonging and she begins the long process of fitting into the foreign world of the heku.


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Book 2 of the Heku Series

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Puce 1 - Ball #1 Puce 2 - Ball #2 Puce 1 - Ball #1